Of pussies and aggressors

If you still have a largely one culture population with maybe 70% able-bodied, and used to a physically working lifestyle – even walking and cycling to work counts here, plus a love of their land, then you’re going to have the west at the close of WWII, when the global left [including the cucks, CINOs and RINOs] started their destabilization and deterioration of society.

The reason I see it so starkly is I lived 12 years in Russia, walking most places, training in the gym – things almost all men did and the women were just as hard in their own way.

And thus Russia today is a society certainly with its own issues it’s always had … but not with external issues pouring in and not physically and psychologically crippled.

Fast forward 60 years and here is the west today:

Me me me me me me me me me me.

OK – think you have the idea.  Into this come Them, the Deep State [see Common Purpose and Cressida Dick as examples, plus the leftwing university professors and lecturers] and you have a society which could not even stand up against an invading force of ten year olds.  Let alone everyone set at each other’s throats, bellyaching against micro-aggressions, demanding ‘safe spaces’ etc.

Meanwhile, the other enemy quietly pours in:

See any women and children there?  Any idea why not?

They are NOT the pussified whiners and moaners, the puffed up and narcissistic spending their days on selfies or on the cellphone, are they?

They’re a fighting force. They are vicious, hardened thugs who could cut, and are cutting, a swathe through the softened up west – they are Them’s new brownshirts, the new beerhall thugs.

Not the doctors nor engineers of those nations but the riff raff, the flotsam, the dregs, which those nations are delighted to be rid of.  And the best joke is that the women are somehow demure and obedient – this is a still from a vid in which she’s saying she and her sisters are going to murder and bomb the west.

In a one-on-one physical fight with these people, do you really think we would win in our current state, where the only unpussified males are over 65 years of age and no one is allowed to defend him or herself? Where our defence forces have been crippled?

Meanwhile, our own Cucks and Quislings, our traitors above are doing this:

For most Republicans, it seems, someone else’s private property rights took precedence: the cable and phone companies themselves. Davidson says he believes most of his colleagues subscribed to the free-market reasoning that because the ISPs built the networks, they could do with them what they pleased. But many people don’t have access to more than one home broadband provider–particularly in many of the rural districts that Republicans represent. That limitation was not lost on Republicans who broke rank.

In other words, the Donald is enabling the lifting of privacy restrictions on you and me.  This is not what he was elected to do.  And what was he elected to do?  Get rid of the threats, wasn’t he?

But one of, if not THE major threat is the Deep State surveillance, justified on the grounds of possible terrorism, which they themselves invited in.

After WWII, the quisling women had their hair shaved and were paraded, the quisling men had trials and often execution.  What’s going to happen with our traitors, those hellbent on crippling our lands to make them into easy pickings for the invaders?

Yep, our future is in great hands – his hands:

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  1. Errol
    April 2, 2017 at 11:54 am

    There’s a demonstration of many falacies here: the nation isn’t weaker, the state is. People cannot act because the state has set about ensuring they cannot. Action is rewarded with punishment.

    A better more useful question is where this has come from and why. Pressure groups? A gradual social change begun in the 1960s? However it has come about, the change is significant but just as the Guardian sets out to demonise every business owner as a daemon who exists simply as a tax cow the reality of life is that people just don’t care about all this waffle and puff. There are some who do but they are immature, unintelligent dross who can be safely ignored.

    A more useful analysis is to understand why the state is set about paralysing society through high tax and oppressive law and social policy.

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