Marine Le Pen: Thank You, Internet Militants!

In the following video Marine Le Pen thanks her supporters who campaigned for her on social media. She credits them with putting her through to the second round of the presidential election.


00:00 My dear friends, I wanted to make this video to thank you:
00:04 you, the internet militants, who were mobilized
00:08 from the beginning of this campaign, on social media, 24/7!
00:12 You are the wonderful relay for my project and my actions.
00:16 You actively participate in the campaign, with creativity, energy,
00:20 humor. You intelligently resist the propaganda and the lies spread
00:24 by the system’s media. You are among the craftsmen
00:28 of this first victory: the part that allows me to get to the second round of the elections,
00:32 and that puts us right now on the road to victory! You are the ones who give me energy,
00:36 which I very much need. Your enthusiasm and your fervor are unparalleled.
00:40 None of my adversaries has with him such efficient militants!
00:44 This shows, I believe, the power of patriotism, the power of sincere engagement,
00:48 but also the power of my project. It invites adherents and gives hope.
00:52 Everywhere, every day, on the internet and in the real world, new patriots
00:56 are joining us and are committing to our side. There are a couple of days
01:00 of intense mobilization remaining, like before the first round, but perhaps now even more
01:04 the system is going to unleash all its weapons against the patriots:
01:08 the caricatures, the compromises of the truth, maneuvers; nothing will be spared against us.
01:12 So it is precisely on you, therefore, that I count, on that home straight,
01:16 to bring back the truth every time it’s necessary, to convince and
01:20 to show to all our compatriots that my project is to protect them. You are the best
01:24 messengers — responsible, intelligent and in solidarity — who can explain
01:28 that my election as leader of the country would be the best news for French people in a long time.
01:32 I am the people’s candidate. And I can feel it with an even greater obviousness
01:36 when I see all your actions. When I fight in the election
01:40 it’s for you, with you, and thanks to you.

I care not that some of her ideas are less than perfect. I care not that she is less than a Libertarian.

The one thing about this ‘Femme de la Fer’ is the simple truth that she, ands she alone, identifies Islam as the enemy. Not just ‘radical Islam’ because we all know that those words are but a cover, a shroud, placed around every victim of Jihadi Muslims; but the truth; the very ‘idee fixee’ that not all muslims are Jihadi, but that all Jihadi are Muslims; because it is in their very DNA: and they deserve the finest bullets, polished until they shine, as the simple message from the West.

Courtesy of Gates of Vienna

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  1. Radical Rodent
    April 25, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    Deutronomy 7:3-4

    There is nothing new under the Sun.

  2. rapscallion
    April 26, 2017 at 10:27 am

    “and they deserve the finest bullets, polished until they shine, as the simple message from the West.”

    Well quite, but rather than polish them, why not add a little twist? Dip the bullets in pig fat first!

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