I Wonder If Anyone Asked The Takeaway Owner What They Thought..?

A heartrending condemnation of the police:

The Cornish boat builder, said by his family to have had very strong views on right and wrong and a keen interest in human rights, went home and claimed Devon and Cornwall police officers had “roughed him up”. The next day he was found dead in a summerhouse.

The way the police dealt with Peters was strongly criticised by an inquest jury in Truro on Thursday.

The panel concluded that there were “errors, omissions and failures” in the way Peters was seized on the street. “It is extremely likely that the series of events, together with the unreasonable, disproportionate and unnecessary force used … had a negative impact on Logan’s physical and psychological wellbeing,” the panel said in its written findings.

“Inadequate steps” were taken to address risks to Peters at the police station. And it said the failure to address his complaints that he was the victim of force and the strip-search “significantly contributed to a further deterioration of Logan’s psychological wellbeing”.

After the inquest, Peters’ family described him as a gentle soul who was never aggressive.

His mother, Tammy, told the Guardian: “He had his troubles but he was very sensitive.”

Bad police, saintly ‘vulnerable’ young man?

The inquest heard that Peters, who lived in a village on the banks of the river Tamar, and a younger cousin rowed across to Plymouth for a night out in May 2014. Peters had been drinking and had taken medication he had not been prescribed. In the early hours the pair visited a takeaway and a £20 picture was broken.

I guess illegal drug use and criminal damage while drunk and disorderly didn’t breach his sense of right and wrong…

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  1. Ted Treen
    June 7, 2016 at 2:09 pm

    No-one’s responsible any more – they’re all victims: except for me, of course. As I’m a 66 year old white middle-class heterosexual male with rightish political views, and who has always worked, no doubt all the ills of society are my fault.

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