Insiders’ analysis of presidential election — part 7

This series analyses the 2016 presidential campaign with recaps of Alex Jones Show interviews with Larry Nichols, a Clinton insider from Arkansas days, terminally ill with cancer, and Roger Stone, Trump insider and veteran of five presidential campaigns beginning in 1964. See parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 if you missed them.

Nichols co-created the 1994 film The Clinton Chronicles and Stone co-authored The Clintons’ War on Women, published in 2015.

This post covers interviews from September 6 through September 16. Both Nichols and Stone appeared frequently that month. Film maker Joel Gilbert also appeared to talk about Obama’s real life story. I think you will enjoy this!

On Tuesday, September 5 — the day after Labor Day — Hillary Clinton had a coughing fit that lasted four minutes. She was in Cleveland that day. Her VP pick Tim Kaine was sitting behind her and did nothing. One of the other Democrats on stage gave her cough drops then returned with something cylindrical that looked like a pen. Hillary spat the cough drops into her glass of water.

Later that day, on the plane to Quad Cities, Iowa, with the press on board, she had another coughing fit. She had to stop her chat with the journalists and go to the front of the plane. Before one of her aides shut the curtain, the black doctor who often appeared on the campaign trail — Dr Epipen, I call him — beckoned Hillary. Soon afterwards, an announcement was made asking everyone to turn off all electronic devices. Hillary returned some time later to answer questions on her health and conspiracy theories surrounding the presidential race.

Larry Nichols talked with Alex Jones on September 6. He said that before working for the Clintons, he had been in black ops and secret operations.

Alex Jones asked him about Hillary’s health. He replied that he did not know the extent of her health issues but was certain she would use them as a sympathy ploy.

Nichols was more interested in potential vote rigging. He said that organised, ‘mass multiple’ voting was the biggest issue at the moment. He said that people wanting to do the right thing were fighting for the life of the United States, especially with the UN taking control of the Internet on October 1:

2016 is our last chance.

He explained that, when working for the Clintons in Arkansas, he used to rent school buses and send bogus voters all over the state to vote. Everyone had a change of shirt for the next stop. He said it worked like a charm. Poll watchers would have to be alert in November for similar things taking place in inner cities. (That turned out to be true. The New York City election commissioner said that even though voters had ID, no one ever checked. He was sure that buses were going from precinct to precinct in minority neighbourhoods where the same people were voting again and again. Mayor Bill de Blasio thought that the commissioner’s remarks were ‘crazy’ and that he should resign.)

Nichols went on to discuss projection, one rule he and the Clintons had in Arkansas. Always accuse your opponent of what you are doing, especially during campaign season.

Nichols suggested that Jones feature a segment on multiple voting so that poll watchers would know how to spot it.

Talk then turned to TPP and Obamacare. Nichols pointed out that American health insurance premiums would go up between ‘200% and 2000%’ once full Obamacare kicked in between November 15 and 17. (He was not wrong. I saw a photo of a letter one man in Georgia received from his health provider before the election. The increases in the premium and excess for 2017 were eye-watering. His new premium was $1,700+ a month. The excess was in the thousands of dollars.)

Nichols said the bigger picture was that TPP would enable Obamacare to be implemented around the world, with everyone paying for everyone else. If this happened, everyone would go bankrupt.

He said that Donald Trump knows this. The elites realise he knows it, too. They fear him. This is why the campaign rhetoric and narratives were so nasty. Meanwhile, Hillary, Nichols said, was:

on the dream ride of her life.

She didn’t need to do anything but sit back and relax. Furthermore, he said that Soros was donating money to fight states’ rights.

Jones told Nichols he had been receiving calls around that time from law enforcement officers who said that their superiors have warned them about the UN taking over in case of a national emergency. Nichols said that LEOs would stand up for what is right.

The Commander-in-Chief Forum took place on Wednesday, September 7 on NBC. Matt Lauer of the Today show hosted it. He asked Hillary about the email investigation. It was an unexpected question. Stories circulated afterwards online that said she exploded at Lauer afterwards. However, The New York Times and Fortune said it was her campaign people who were upset, not Hillary. They thought that Lauer was much gentler with Trump. They also thought Lauer interrupted Hillary more often while letting Trump finish his sentences.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters were certain that Hillary was wearing an earpiece that night and was being fed answers to Lauer’s questions.

On September 13, 54 days before the election, Roger Stone spoke to Jones and was sure that was true.

Regardless, thanks to the efforts of Steve Bannon:

Trump is going to win, mark my words.

Because of Hillary’s health problems, Stone said ‘high-level Democrats’ had been talking about a replacement for her. Michelle Obama’s name came up as a possibility.

He said that Hillary’s campaign had been painted into a corner. It was:

in meltdown mode.

He made two points about her campaign. One, it showed unabated power loss and greed. Two, Secret Service agents had leaked the fact she is very ill. For those reasons, Trump supporters had nothing to worry about. Trump campaign people were doing their own private polling and the numbers looked good.

That said, he thought the possibility of an election steal was very real.

Stone ended by saying news about Muammar Gaddafi‘s removal might emerge, the details of which would:

rock this entire place.

He said that Hillary had personal reasons for getting him out of office and that Gaddafi agreed to be toppled. (Stone did not say how he expected the story to break. I haven’t seen anything about it.)

On Friday, September 16, Stone talked to David Knight on the Alex Jones show. The day before, a huge Super Trump animated billboard appeared in Times Square for 24 hours. Stone helped investigative film maker and director Joel Gilbert develop it. After Stone finished his interview, Gilbert went on air.

Stone said that the billboard, which portrayed Trump as Superman, attracted much attention:

Everyone’s talking about it.

The Committee to Restore America’s Greatness super PAC funded it. The Greenberg family of Florida were also running one in Orlando.

It was at this time that Trump said he would put past birther claims of his to rest once and for all. He was satisfied that Obama was born in the United States. Knight asked Stone how this would play with black voters. Stone replied that 26% of the black vote would be going to Trump. (That actually turned out to be a percentage that applied to his Hispanic vote, which was a healthy 29%, two points up on Mitt Romney’s in 2012. Trump received only 8% of the black vote, also two points up on Romney.)

Stone then talked about Trump’s ‘very dynamic’ economic plan, which, he pointed out, had been online for well over a year. Lower corporation tax rates will stimulate job creation. Stone said that Trump would have to take this plan to the people and present it to the inner cities. By then, Trump had already visited Detroit and Stone was happy with the trip.

Alex Jones came on to ask how the globalists would strike back. Stone referred to voter fraud:

The level of panic is getting worse … There’s no law they won’t break.

Ohio, Florida, Colorado and Pennsylvania were states to watch for in this regard. However, he remained confident of a Trump victory.

Joel Gilbert came on next to talk about the Super Trump billboard and his investigation into Obama’s life story in his 2012 film Dreams from My Real Father. What it reveals is very different to the book.

David Knight asked him how the Super Trump idea evolved. Gilbert said that animation holds a broad appeal with ordinary voters. He thinks Trump and Superman are similar:

He seems young physically and mentally … He flies all around the place [to help people].

Most of the conversation centred on Obama’s origins. Gilbert said that Big Media were making a big deal about Trump’s statement on birtherism. He said the media wanted to revive Trump’s claims in an effort to smear him. Democrats were joining in because, after 50 to 100 years of controlling the inner cities, they were not about to give up power now. Gilbert explained why Trump revived birtherism in 2011 (it started in 2008 and continued with unsuccessful lawsuits against Obama’s eligibility in 2009). He did so because Obama started breaking his campaign promises. Trump’s speaking out was done on behalf of many Americans who wanted the present incumbent’s past investigated.

Gilbert then discussed Obama’s story. His real father was Frank Marshall Davis from Chicago. Davis was his mentor as a youth, instilling in him a:

Communist, anti-white worldview.

Gilbert said he went to Chicago to find out more about Davis’s ‘Bolshevik’ past. At the time Davis came of age, white Communists were recruiting young blacks. He said that Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright was like Davis in some ways.

Former radical — some would say terrorist — Bill Ayers understood the dynamics. Gilbert said:

Obama based his candidacy on his personal background. That’s why it’s so significant.

He added that no one knew who Obama was. He had a false narrative.

In reality, Gilbert said, Davis was a Communist agent who radicalised Obama. The Chicago connection explains why Obama settled there eventually. Bill Ayers was from the area and still lives in the city.

Ayers and his associates, Gilbert said, ‘all’ ended up going into education.

Mentoring Obama, Gilbert said:

They told him, ‘Don’t tell them your true agenda. Look them in the eye and tell them you want to help working families … Use their support to take power’.

Gilbert said that with Obama’s victory in 2008, these people infiltrated the Democratic Party.

He added that once Trump pointed out the horrible reality of Democratic policies, he started pulling level with Hillary. (This was before the release of the Billy Bush tape.)

Gilbert has also spent time in Detroit. In both cities, he made a point to talk to black women. They impressed him as being ‘intelligent’ and knowing what was going on. They all told him they wanted no part of progressive nonsense and were against illegal immigration, legalised cannabis and the rest of the Democrat agenda. (Unfortunately, they probably still vote Democrat.)

He talked about another Chicagoan, Hillary. He called her a ‘radical’, thanks to her Methodist youth minister who was her mentor:

She just went more mainstream.

He said it was not surprising that she wanted to continue Obama’s policies.

Gilbert mentioned his 2014 film, There’s No Place Like Utopia. He said that, many years ago, Communists from the USSR saw that the key to taking over America would be via the Democratic Party. People like Bernie Sanders, even though he is an Independent, are just what the Soviets envisaged.

From this, you can see just what a mess the United States is in. Roll on Inauguration Day. The world needs Trump in the White House pronto.

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  1. December 11, 2016 at 8:45 pm

    This really must form the basis of a book.

    • December 12, 2016 at 12:28 am

      Thank you very much, James. I greatly appreciate your encouragement.

      As I write, Alex Jones is discussing the elite’s plan to keep Trump away from the White House. Please pray (as will I) that the forces of darkness do not prevail.

      He is talking about CNN interviewing people allegedly in the know saying the Russians ‘interfered’ with the election. In another CNN story, Obama said that he wants an investigation into the election to go ahead, which, of course (sarcasm alert), would be complete by Inauguration Day.

      I don’t understand where they get this Russian narrative. It makes no sense on several levels.

      The recount didn’t work. There aren’t enough faithless electors. Trump has had countless tens of thousands of people at his rallies. They continue to flock to see him on his thank you tour. Americans have awakened. Yet, the elites continue to plot.

      Anyway, have a good week.

      • Ted Treen
        December 12, 2016 at 12:34 am

        Indeed, Sir. The forces of darkness have held sway for far too long.

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    December 12, 2016 at 12:52 am

    CM, we, I commend your valiant effort and endlessly insightful comment, it has been an education for me.

    A book? Why not, you have the prose for it and wow you have the eye for detail – why not?

    • December 13, 2016 at 2:42 pm

      Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate the compliment.

      Will consider a book next year.

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