Resistance to Trump continues

The media and the Left continue to pull out all the stops to oppose President Donald Trump and his team.

Roger Stone spoke to Alex Jones on Sunday, February 5, 2017. At that time, the Ninth Circuit Court halted Trump’s Executive Order (EO) banning people from seven Muslim countries for 90 days. (There will be an en banc review by the Ninth Circuit — often referred to as the Ninth Circus — this week.)

Stone said the court’s halt of the EO was symptomatic of the post-election anti-Trump resistance. It is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Stories appeared in Big Media saying that there were ructions between Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. There were also leaks to Big Media from somewhere in the White House.

Stone wasn’t sure if Priebus was still part of the Never-Trump faction. (Priebus is from Wisconsin and was close to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, also from that state.) He said it is a:

festering problem … [but] it is a little early to say.

A story circulated saying ‘Steve Bannon is Trump’s brain’, which Stone said was intended to make both men look bad. However, both get along very well. He described their relationship as ‘simpatico’.

The Washington Post was granted access to Priebus and Conway. Stone said that everything looked rosy. The problem is ‘subterranean’.

Another damaging news item was a quote describing Trump as ‘a clueless child’ in one White House meeting. Stone said this was designed to make Trump appear incompetent. The Yemen intelligence-finding operation which resulted in the death of a Navy SEAL might also be played up in the media: does Trump know what he is doing? (It was already scheduled to go ahead before the inauguration. Trump reviewed the plans with General Mattis and signed off on it. It is possible that the plans were leaked. Three brothers and the wife of one are under investigation. All worked in the IT department of the House of Representatives and had access to highly sensitive information.)

Conversation turned to Stone’s book, The Making of the President 2016. Stone told Jones:

We are this close to making the New York Times Bestseller list.

He believes it will appeal to non-conservatives, too, because he outlines exactly where and how Hillary’s campaign failed.

Stone expressed concern about Haiti’s new president, inaugurated on Tuesday, February 7. He said that Omarosa Manigault, Trump’s Director of African-American Outreach, had pressured Trump to send a delegation to Haiti. (Omarosa, as she is popularly known, is a Haitian immigrant and actress who met Trump when she was on Celebrity Apprentice.) Stone hoped that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson would ignore such appeals, because it would only legitimise an illegitimate presidency. (Many Haitians consider Jovenel Moïse to be corrupt. It took from November 20 to January 3 for the courts to decide whether he won the election fairly. For background on this situation, see Stone’s article of February 4, ‘Why is Omarosa helping the Clintons’ rape of Haiti?’ It mentions a Democratic operative, Ron Daniels. More on this below.)

Stone said that any representation from the US would reflect badly on Trump with Haitians.

On February 8, Stone hosted a segment of the Alex Jones Show. Stone told listeners that he was becoming something of a minor celebrity in New York. The day before, a small group of Trump supporters gathered outside of Trump Tower. He was happy to hear a black man enthusiastically yelling:

Y’all are in the Stone Zone!

Things went less well for him after he taped an interview for television talk show host Charlie Rose. Stone stopped off on Lexington Avenue for a slice of pizza. Sitting down and minding his own business, he heard someone approaching. A woman confronted him:

I am drawn by your evil. I am drawn by your pure evil, Roger Stone.

In another incident, ‘a perfectly dressed’ woman spat on him and managed a quick getaway on foot as the lights suddenly changed.

He then turned to the Haitian situation. He spoke of Jerome Corsi’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation’s notional aid to the country following the 2010 earthquake. Hillary was Secretary of State at the time. Stone told listeners:

Almost all of the money disappeared … The country got raped.

He added that Trump is aware of all of this. (He met with Haitians in Miami last autumn on the campaign trail. He was the first presidential candidate to do so.)

A Haitian woman who goes by the name Ezili Dantò rang in. She has been on Stone’s segments before. She is anti-Jovenel Moïse and anti-Clinton. In a previous appearance she was very hopeful that Trump would get involved in Haiti straightaway. Now she was less hopeful. Of Moïse’s inauguration on February 7, she said:

Yesterday, [Trump] sent a delegation with one Trump person, Omarosa. I cannot tell your viewers how disappointing it was [that the other three were Obama representatives].

Folks are telling me … Trump is no different.

She wrote an article about it on her website: ‘Will Donald Trump Allow The Rape of Haiti To Continue?’

Dantò was clearly upset, fighting back tears. Stone attempted to assuage her fears:

I’m not sure [Trump] understands how this puppet regime relates to the previous government … Ron Daniels is calling the shots … The Secretary of State also needs to be alerted … I think [Trump] is a good man and that we have truth on our side … We have a historic opportunity to bring people to our side … They want what all Americans want … But this action against Haiti is a blot against the president’s name … But don’t give up on the president yet.

Dantò brought up the child trafficking bust of February 5 at the upmarket Kaliko Bay Hotel, involving 31 adolescent girls and nine adults, some of who were working as missionaries.

She then went on to express her deep frustration with the American left, including Bernie Sanders, whom she and her associates thought would speak out against the corrupt regime but remained silent:

These politicians were handpicked … Nothing came out of the Left. It was Donald Trump. He said the Clinton Foundation made money and helped their cronies while the Haitian people suffered.

Get rid of the UN occupation of Haiti. Use the money for the inner cities. We don’t need it.

She alluded to the country’s natural resources, including gold and marble.

Stone said:

The president’s doctrine on Haiti must be restored and Omarosa must go.

It’s difficult to discount the possibility that, knowingly or unknowingly, Omarosa might be working with the Clintons.

Stone concluded with an update on his book, which the New York Times Review of Books has ignored.

Alex Jones followed with an interview of a young, black Trump supporter, Kevin Martin. Jones said he wanted to hire him to cover news in the Northeast. I hope he does. He’s well spoken and makes cogent arguments. Martin takes on all comers. (That link shows how Hillary supporters had nothing to say once he began debating them.)

He told Jones:

We live in a world that’s very, very divided … Donald Trump will bring us all together … His main goal is to crush that globalist agenda.

When Jones asked him about the United States being a nation of laws, Martin responded:

The rest of the world looks at us like jokers.

On Thursday, February 9, Jones interviewed Jerome Corsi, head of the Infowars Washington D.C. News Bureau. Much of the conversation revolved around attempts to derail the president:

It will be a completely Democratic [Party]-led agenda … Even within the White House, there are people working against Donald Trump … I’m even suspicious of Reince Priebus … Reince Priebus and the other GOP [establishment] people, especially from Wisconsin, are going to work with David Brock [to create] a love-hate relationship with Donald Trump.

Corsi also thinks that Sean Spicer, who runs the press briefings, might also be involved. (Hmm. Having been a regular viewer of the press briefings, it’s hard for me to see that now, but who knows?)

David Brock is the founder of Media Matters and Correct the Record, so vocal in their online presence for Hillary Clinton last year. His latest venture is Shareblue:

David Brock, the Democratic operative who founded the left-wing Media Matters for America, plans to use a news entity he recently purchased as the nucleus of his efforts to delegitimize President Donald Trump, according to confidential documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Brock spent this past weekend gathered with more than 100 deep-pocketed Democratic donors at the posh Turnberry Isle resort in Aventura, Fla., to map out a course to “kick Donald Trump’s ass.” The Free Beacon obtained the memo at the donor retreat.

This is Brock’s Shareblue plan to de-legitimise Trump. Corsi told Jones:

This briefing book from David Brock … is laid out [so] that news agencies that are not PC are considered toxic … The whole term ‘fake news’ is one invented by David Brock …

Donald Trump is not yet fully aware [of this] …

[Brock] is looking for $13m to … put media like Infowars … in his crosshairs … any news agency [that is pro-Trump].

As for those White House Trump staffers who might be involved:

Trump should fire them … I’m confident he will fire them.

Subversion by staff:

can’t be within the heart of the Trump agenda.

Corsi said he is sure that Trump knows he has active opposition from within, people who won’t say so to his face.

Corsi was confident that Trump will declare tax cuts within 30 days. Those cuts will stimulate the economy, but the GOPe will resist them. Corsi alleged that George Soros pays for John McCain, Paul Ryan and others in the GOPe to become wealthy by maintaining the status quo.

Follow the money, especially when McCain insists Putin hacked the election for Trump.

On a positive note, polls began to appear stating that the country’s support of Donald Trump have never been higher. The people understand the truth.

Opposing Trump is opposing the American populace. We’ll discover who these people are as the year wears on.

8 comments for “Resistance to Trump continues

  1. John in cheshire
    February 12, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    I think that John McCain is a malignant runt and I’m surprised he’s allowed to have so much influence when there’s enough evidence of him fraternising with enemies of the USA and the UK.

    • February 12, 2017 at 11:11 pm

      The majority of Republicans consider John McCain to be a war hero, based on his five years in the ‘Hanoi Hilton’.

      One older lady — a well-educated longtime friend — said to me during the presidential campaign in 2008, ‘Isn’t he just like George Washington?’ She doesn’t know what Trump knows and what I found out only recently about his and his father’s military careers.

      Therefore, if John McCain deems someone like Trump ‘bad’, so will many other older members or supporters of the Republican Party.

    • Gregory Tingey
      February 13, 2017 at 9:50 am

      I see, captured by the Vietnamese, war hero & Republican Senator, but his views are not fascist crawling enough for the Trumpolini lobby, eh?

  2. February 12, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    I see this evening that Obama is coordinating resistance and protests from Washington, where he remained. Paul Sperry:

    Sooner or later, he must be arrested for Sedition, as Laura Ingraham pointed out and the moment it happens, and/or Clinton’s arrest, there is your Police State the DNC is looking for, in order to trigger nationwide unrest.

    • February 12, 2017 at 11:14 pm

      Yep. Thanks, saw that, too. Excellent article. Will watch for further developments.

      Obama’s detractors said he would revert to community organising, and that is exactly what we will see. There might be a crossover with others organising the current ‘protests’. TBC. (Alex Jones said just now that Obama will be commanding his people from his own ‘bunker’ in DC. Not for long, IMHO.)

      Anyone who thinks Trump is a dictator should re-examine his or her own principles.

    • Gregory Tingey
      February 13, 2017 at 9:50 am


  3. Gregory Tingey
    February 13, 2017 at 9:59 am

    Given that Spicer & others continue to repeat entirely false & unfounded allegations of voter fraud in “NH”, I would expect some, you know, REAL EVIDENCE to be produced.
    So far, de nada.
    And, I predict none will be produced, because if such fraud actually existed, the entire election would be invalid and … oh dear, maybe not?
    Sales of “The Handmaid’s Tale” are soaring, also – I wonder why that might be?

    I suggest all of you at least read the wiki page for Julius Evola : – apparently he is an “inspirational” source for the actual fascist, Bannon.
    And deeply scary.

    When will I get an apology & admission that some of Trumpolini’s supporters (even) never mind the thing itself, are real, actual fascists?
    I am of the opinion that Trumpolini is “simply” an authoritarian [ Something you are all supposed to be against, anyway ] but that, as stated aboove some of his clique are actual fascists, notably Bannon.


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