He’s Got My Confidence, And Isn’t That All That Should Matter?

The ‘Guardian’ is quick to get its objection in before he’s even sat down:

Among his more controversial cases was a decision allowing Westminster council to rehouse a tenant 50 miles away in Milton Keynes. It was later overturned by the supreme court.

The former senior judge has in the past been praised by the justice minister, Dominic Raab, for applying “long-awaited common sense” to limit human rights law in a case where he deported a foreign-born criminal whose young children lived in Britain.

Sounds perfect for the job! Especially if he starts asking questions about who was in the tower, and what they were doing there…

But Moore-Bick, who is widely respected within the legal profession, will have to gain the confidence of the north Kensington community where the tragedy occurred.

No, they aren’t paying for this, I am. And I’m more than happy that we haven’t got a soft touch. Who wouldn’t be?

There were reports that there had been a delay in announcing his appointment because of concerns in Downing Street over his record on the bench.

Ah. Of course. The wet Tory clinging on to the PM’s seat.