When You’re A Net Contributor, It’s Not Really ‘EU Money’, Is It?

The loss of EU money will be a significant loss to the University of Brighton, says the pro vice chancellor for research and enterprise.

So? Find another source of income. It’s what every other business does.

Brighton University has received almost quarter of its research grants and contracts from the European Union since 2012, accruing more than £10 million.

Which is actually the EU giving us back some of our own money.

Asked what the money was used for, Mrs Dean said: “Some schemes support individuals, so they may be paying for an individual’s salary for two, three, four or five years.

“Some schemes support projects, often multi partner projects and some schemes support exchange of staff, while some schemes support PhD students.”

Ah. To further clarify, it’s the EU giving us back some of our own money to pay for things we don’t think are worth paying for ourselves!

Despite Brighton proving to be a popular destination for foreign students, Mrs Dean said the university will have to recruit more home students and international students when the UK leaves the EU.

Boo hoo! Where’s my tiny violin?

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  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    January 15, 2018 at 9:45 am

    Colleges became universities and red brick and concrete and glass unis expanded way beyond what was required, mainly in, totally useless humanities where what the nation really needs – so many UK universities have closed pure science faculties………….. Since the bliar terror, they just got too big, are full of foreign students and if they hail from EUrope many of these will not pay, thus is the UK taxpayer not only subsidizing the UK uni troughers (university offices and officials) to an enormous extent but also coughs to pay for foreign students to boot.

    The university in those parts is Sussex, Brighton tech just likes to think it’s a university.

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