Peterson versus Newman

Peterson: “I had bacon and eggs for breakfast.”
Newman: “So you’re saying that all vegans should be killed?”

Newman: “Let me move on to another controversial debate…”


# It was critical theory vs. critical thinking [Celeste Elizabeth, pictured].

# The discussion is a good cultural reference point. Newman has a hard time accepting the facts and Peterson does not come right out with what the Bible has to say about God which is that Jesus referred to Him 187 times as “father”.

# The interesting thing about Dr Peterson is he started out as a socialist. In, I think, [a] long discourse he has with Dr Jonathan Haidt, he admits in his younger days he was a volunteer for the Canadian socialist NDP.  He says that while the rank and file can be good, well-meaning people, the opportunism and hypocrisy of the leadership turned him away from the NDP and its [kind]. As Mr Delingpole would say, Dr Peterson is a sound man.

# The interesting thing about Dr Peterson is he started out as a socialist. So did Peter Hitchens and David Horowitz and many others – it means they know the enemy intimately.

Et moi aussi.

# She won’t learn from the experience, though.

# Ms Newman, so you’re saying you can succeed as a “journalist” without actually grasping any point your interview subject is trying to make?

# This is what debating an imbecile looks like.

My point

Most men of that calibre are superior to all women of that type. There is no comparison – she is an idiot, a victimhood, self-entitled, SJW non-comp

There do exist women who are “the goods”, who are sheer class and on Twitter, I interact with them all day – we like and value each other, it is a happy situation. There is one at OoL too.

The Cathy Newmans of the world are not these integrally sound women.

Also, I think there is one factor no one is factoring in – NLP.

3 comments for “Peterson versus Newman

  1. rapscallion
    January 23, 2018 at 8:52 am

    Peterson basically took Newman to the cleaners. He defeated her because a) He had studied the facts and had the evidence to back him up, and she lost because she only relied on hearsay and an insistence on equality of outcome. She was so stuck on dogma she couldn’t see or did not want to see the self evident truths of Dr Peterson.

  2. Errol
    January 23, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    Newman looked silly because she had to keep to her ideology. She was fixated on one response and didn’t get it, so she kept coming back to it, refusing to think.

    Thinking is hard for the Left. It interferes with their world view.

  3. January 24, 2018 at 2:35 am

    Poor lass. Can’t think and talk at the same time. Can’t listen to her interviewee’s answers while she is thinking up the next super-sharp mantra to hit him with. But wait…. she has to think too of the dinner she has to prepare over a hot stove for her idle husband when she gets home from ‘work’, and she is wondering if he has managed to sort the whites from the coloureds in the wash and whether that is a form of discrimination that someone might hear about and… worse…. tweet about !!!

    And she is the best Channel 4 has.

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