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What started this flurry of posts was the UK police [ta, lads] who gave us Brittany and it all flowed from there.

And though there are limitations to how much Millennial Girl one can take at any one time – sitting through a Millennial video is hard going – some of the videos have been of interest in showing the minds of that age, not least in the way these lasses have exposed those minds.

One aspect which was of interest was why so many Millennials moved on from Rebel Media – Ezra Levant’s lot in Toronto.

The source article is certainly not sympathetic to Rebel Media or Ezra and that seems Marxist elite to me, e.g. Lynch of the CHRC. I think it was written by that type, the Trudeau lot.

So, on the understanding that it’s a hostile take on “the far right” and “white supremacists”, let us proceed.  The author wrote, at the time of the sacking of Faith Goldy:

Over the weekend, The Rebel’s Faith Goldy reported from the alt-right convergence in Charlottesville, Virginia — and her comments in her live-streams, and in a subsequent YouTube interview with Stefan Molyneux, were sufficiently sympathetic to white supremacists that they set off yet another crisis of identity for a site whose rightward drift toward ethnonationalism has arguably eclipsed that of Breitbart.

On Monday afternoon, founder Ezra Levant put out a statement attempting to distance The Rebel from the alt-right movement it had spent a year drawing upon for viewers and content. That was evidently not enough for co-founder (and most recently freelance contributor) Brian Lilley, who hours later announced that he had walked away from the company.

It’s getting hard to keep track of the people who want nothing more to do with The Rebel, so we’re starting a running list.

Pretty clear where his bias is.  Just as the left-liberal is tarred and scarred by proximity to Antifa, especially when they go on marches wearing pink pussies around their necks, so we’re also always looked at askance.

I point yet again to my own political compass test:


To me, the test is if you would allow a Thomas Sowell or Wayne Dupree to fight for your corner.  if you have no issue, then you’re hardly racist and yet I’d put down the Baltimore or Ferguson idiots, especially that mayor.  also the looters of South London.

It all comes down to attitude and behaviour, how they act and think and vote – what their mindset is.

Officially, Southern parted ways with The Rebel because she wanted to “go independent.” From a business perspective, this was plausible: her videos were by far The Rebel’s most consistently popular, and if she were to generate similar views while keeping all ad revenue for herself, she could make a killing. (Despite retaining her fan base, however, YouTube began “demonetizing” her videos in June, meaning at least some were no longer eligible for ads.) There was great deal of speculation that Southern’s departure was somehow related to The Rebel’s impending trip to Israel

Maybe. What I get from Lauren’s videos – and I’ve now seen many – is that she is a girly girl, on about single and married, about traditional values, that sort of thing. Also the issues we’re all into.

Faith Goldy is a bit iffy to me, like a coiled spring:

What I do know is that the girl journos, like it or not, are the future, we’re not, we’re too old now.  Tomi Lahren has endless energy, so does Katie Pavlich but Katie does the homework better – hers is the definitive work on Fast and Furious. Along the way are duds like Megyn Kelly and Michelle Fields. Michelle Malkin is getting on a bit now and shouts too much.

What of the boys?  More in the background perhaps these days. Many of the men tweet and blog but don’t seem as feisty as I am – just disgusted with things.  The girls shout and scream about things and that’s a good thing.

Just saw a Faith Goldy tweet – this is a new development:

Hmmmmm, just seems a bit brittle for mine. One needs a hide of leather in this game.  Interesting that she said she had muscle there – I saw about three beefy boys, so now we know where all the boys are – providing muscle for the girls.