Blasé about truly appalling crimes against nature

Go back – oh, even two decades – and I’d say that if the news came up, e.g. about a Holly and Jessica horror, it would be all over every major daily and the electronic media.

Now it doesn’t even rate a mention.  A Christian has no mortgage on conscience and a sense of right or wrong and there are many who once felt these things were so horrific, that the government must move hell and high water to bring such animals who do such things to justice.

And so to this word:

Now some of you will immediately jump on that and say it’s not being blasé, it’s being angry yet dismayed, chagrined that nothing is done.

Yes, we feel outrage but what do we do? Attend rallies – good. Write blogs – good.  And come election time, we vote the right way. Short of going on the street, armed, what else can we do? Notice I didn’t say ‘going on the street’, the operative word is ‘armed’.

But anyone with half a brain knows that if a smattering here and there tried that on, they’d be mopped up as terrorists – short and curlies, folks, we have our jobs, our families to look to.

But with so many out there, particularly Millennials, it certainly does not appear to horrify them at all, other issues seem far more important and they’ll keep voting in Labour and Tories without thinking for a moment what they are doing.

Yet stop and think about that again – 20 MPs, not 650.

That is the truly shocking part of this.  Is it because the underage girls were “willing participants”?  Is it because their parents were totally unaware?  Or condoned it?  Is it because it is working class and no one cares about working class kids?

Or is it a complete loss of any sort of values in this land … and in all other lands in the west, let alone across the jihadi world?

Why do I even need to post this post, something which should be self-evident to anyone? Even to a Millennial girl in the States? Cut her some slack here in a couple of places – the thing is that she can see it quite clearly and she nails those who are allowing it to go on:

Talk about Joan of Arc.

The PTB want this to come down to blood on the streets. You don’t generally see me use language like this but I’m afraid that’s what this is going to come down to – not through us shooting anyone but through the PTB having the antifas and so on try it on once too often.

Is it going to take a modern-day Joan of Arc?

“Put on your armour, come with me there’s a universe waiting to be free; Preoccupied with thoughts of you, My voices showed me the way through, I will lead you from your hell, said Joan of Arc.

I’m a woman for all you men; You listened to me once back then; Your pride soon got the upper hand, suffocating all my plans; I am the resurrected light, said Joan of Arc.

Throw off your chains, follow me, to break the bonds, to set us free; You see me, a callow girl, marching through a shallow world … you realize now immediately – I am the resurrected light, said Joan of Arc.

I will burn and you will die.”

Could do worse.

4 comments for “Blasé about truly appalling crimes against nature

  1. Pcar
    June 3, 2018 at 12:59 am

    20 MPs, not 650 really is disgusting PC appeasement by the 630.

    Tommy is risking life and liberty to bring this scandal to public attention. PTB & MSM complicit in the crimes are doing everything they can – legal/questionable – to silence him.

    Related: Denying radical Islam is part of Islam, is admiring the Emperor’s new clothes

    Left & Millennials – LGBT+ banners “Welcome [RoP] Refugees” demonstrates their ignorance & stupidity.

    • Ted Treen
      June 3, 2018 at 12:55 pm

      “…demonstrates their ignorance & stupidity…

      But more frighteningly, it also demonstrates the effectiveness of the PC/CP/leftwing brainwashing and conditioning on otherwise untrained minds.

  2. Pcar
    June 3, 2018 at 1:03 am

    Comment binned again

    • June 3, 2018 at 9:20 am

      We try our best to catch them all and bin them but some slip through. 🙂

      [WP drives me out of my tree.]

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